Say goodbye to pet hair on clothes for good with the FurZapper, on sale now for $12.99

TL;DR: We all love our furry friends, but that doesn't mean we love the hair they live behind. But pet fur doesn't have to be the bane of your existence anymore. With the FurZapper, your clothes, bedsheets, and more, will come out of the laundry free of all animal-relayed debris. Best of all, right now it's on sale for just $12.99. No coupons needed!

Having a pet is one of the greatest joys in life. But dealing with the furry mess they live behind? Well, it's less than optimal. If pet fur is the bane of your existence, though, we have the perfect solution: this unique cleaning tool for pet owners.

The FurZapper ensures your fabrics are cleansed of all hair, fur, or dander. Just toss it into your laundry and see the magic happen! Best of all, you can now get a two-pack on sale. You can get the a two-pack of the FurZapper for just $12.99 now, no coupons needed.

Here's how it works: Toss a FurZapper into the wash, and it'll help drag any animal hair into the drain. Prefer to put it in with the dryer? Well, it'll draw all the animal-related detritus into the lint trap. Regardless of the method, this small, lightweight tool (once featured on SharkTank!) will successfully clear your fabrics of fur and hair.

Usefulness asife, the FurZapper is also just cute. The 2-pack gives you a small, paw-shaped tool in both green and yellow, which is a nice and stylish addition to your cleaning supplies.

Having a pet doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to hair-free sheets. Thanks to the FurZapper, your home can be just as fresh as ever. Get a 2-pack of FurZappers now for just $12.99 now.

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