Santa doesn't want cookies. He wants beignets

Just a reminder as you get ready for Christmas—Santa Claus is really, truly, tired of your cookies. What he wants instead are beignets, those delicious pillows of deep fried dough topped with mounds of powdered sugar, popularized by Café du Monde in New Orleans' French Quarter. 

At least that's the latest news from my favorite New Orleans gift shopDirty Coast, which recently released a new Christmas tune called "Santa Don't Want Your Cookies." The song features singer-songwriter Pat Smith and was produced in collaboration with New Orleans-based production company Triple Threat Media.

The video was filmed all around the French Quarter—so whether you've never been there or count it as one of your favorite cities, you can see a little slice of New Orleans to brighten your day. And remember to put out some fresh beignets for Santa in a few days!