A subscription to Headway lets you tear through books in minutes — and now it's under $50

TL;DR: Headway makes learning fun. With a subscription, you get access to 15-minute summaries of nonfiction books on all kinds of topics. Right now, a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium, which normally costs $299, is now worth $49.97 through December 25. No coupons needed!

If you're panicking about finding a last-minute present look no further. There's no greater gift than knowledge, and that's what you can hand over to someone with a subscription to Headway, a digital service that offers detailed summaries of over 1,500 books, transforming them into quick, easy-to-understand summaries.

It's not just the practicality that makes Headway Premium the ideal present. As it's a subscription, you don't need to worry about shipping or running out in person to snag it. Plus, it's more affordable than ever through December 25. While it usually costs $299, we have it for an exclusive price drop: just $49.97 for a lifetime subscription, no coupons needed.

Headway offers self-growth and an opportunity to expand your mind. There are already 1,500 summaries of nonfiction reads on the service, allowing you to familiarize yourself with all kinds of interesting ideas, whether you want to read them or listen to them. Plus, there are 30 to 50 new summaries added each month, so you won't get bored!

Also keeping it exciting? How Headway is designed. It makes learning feel like a game by allowing you to earn rewards, check out recommendations, and easily track your progress.

Of course, it should be noted these are just summaries. You're not getting access to a whole book, and you will be missing important nuance and details. Thus, consider it a wonderful stepping-off point, helping you understand which concepts you'd like to do a deeper dive on.

Naturally, Headway has received raves: 4.5 star ratings on App Store and Google Play Store, an Apples Editors' Choice Designation, and TechCrunch writing in a review, "Creating gamifying elements on the Headway app has partially met the need to study with excitement, not boredom."

See what all the praise is for yourself. You can get a subscription to Headway Premium (or gift it to someone else!) for just $49.47 through December 25. 

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