Atlas Obscura's list of alluring geometrical houses

Here's Atlas Obscura's list of alluring geometrical houses. One of my favorites on this list is this upside down house in Germany. Not only is the exterior of this house flipped upside down, but all the furniture is on the ceiling (which is made out of flooring). This dream-like house is open to visitors, who can walk through the interior and feel like they are in Alice in Wonderland.

Some other exciting places to visit on this list include this cube house in Canada, and this tilted, seemingly half-sunken house in New Zealand, which sits on one of the world's steepest roads (Baldwin Street).

As a big fan of carnival funhouses, I wish there were even more houses like this in the world. These all look like such exciting places to explore and feel like you've just fallen down into the rabbit hole. 

From Atlas Obscura:

"Across the world, in suburban corners and urban centers and nearly off the grid, stand homes that appear strange and distorted, like they came from the mind of M.C. Escher or Dr. Seuss. But for all their intricacies and architectural imagination, they're still homes. "