Cops jailed after filming themselves throwing slushies at people

This is an old story dating to last year, but I like it because it's such a good example of what cops do when they think they can get away with it.

Police officers Curtis Flynn, 40, and Bryan Wilson, 36, filmed themselves throwing slushies at people from their patrol car, drenching them by driving through puddles, and doing other things amusing to bullies. Local pedestrians were targeted for at least 11 months by the cops and it took a Freedom of Information Act request from the Courier Journal to prove who was doing it. They're both convicted of crimes and given jail terms. Five other officers who knew what was going on were "disciplined" but "allowed to stay on the police force."

The attacks took place over 11 months in 2018 and 2019, but the video was obtained this week by the Courier Journal Newspaper following a Freedom of Information Act request. Locally the scandal has come to be known as "Slushy-gate." At least 24 innocent people had slushies thrown at them. The two officers in the undercover car were identified as Curtis Flynn, 40, and Bryan Wilson, 36. They were members of an elite undercover drug task force. Both pleaded guilty. Flynn was sentenced to three months and Wilson to 30 months.

UPDATE: I was wondering why Wilson's sentence was as severe as it was and how's this for a "buried lede":

Wilson … also faced a separate count of conspiracy to commit cyber stalking for harassing and extorting at least 25 women and threatening to release stolen photos and videos. Wilson used the compromising materials he had stolen to extort more photographs from the women. In one instance, he sent sexually explicit pictures to a woman's employer. He will also pay restitution, though the amount has not yet been determined.