Say bye to roaming costs with an international eSim card, now only $19.97

TL;DR: 2024 is around the corner, and it's time to start prepping for the new year with our End of Year sale! If international travel is in your future, you'll definitely want the aloSIM, a digital SIM card for your phone that will keep you connected abroad. You can now get it along — along with $50 worth of data — for just $19.97 through January 1.

Visiting another country is an adventure, but it's difficult to do when you're not connected to your phone, aka your GPS, your contact list, your translator, your source of info about a foreign county, and so on. Data roaming charges can set you back a pretty penny, though, and physical SIM cards can be difficult to swap out.

That's where the aloSIM card comes in. This digital SIM card lets you access data in over 170 countries, so you're always connected. Best of all, as part of our End of the Year sale, you can now get the aloSim with $50 worth of credit for only $19.97, no coupons needed. It's the perfect purchase if international travel is on your bucket list for 2024 — and it is the best price you'll find online.

The aloSIM gets rave reviews (4.5 stars on the App Store, for example) for a reason. The aloSIM works in hundreds of countries, it eliminates painful data roaming fees, and the card itself never expires so you can continue to use it without any recurring costs (although, to be clear, the data plans do expire).

Here's how it works:

  1. Buy the voucher for  aloSIM here
  2. Before you leave for the trip, purchase your desired aloSIM data plan and install the digital SIM card
  3. Once you've arrived at your destination, activate your data plan! You're all set to go.

aloSIM offers a variety of data plans, including ones as low as $4.50. Just remember that the data plans do expire after the set period of time, regardless of how little data you actually use with aloSIM. However, you can also purchase more data and top off the aloSIM, or remove it if you want to replace it with a different eSIM card.

So, make traveling more affordable and convenient than ever in 2024. Get aloSIM with $50 worth of data for just $19.97 now. But you'll want to hurry: This special End of Year Sale only runs through January 1.

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