U.S. Senator Bob Menendez charged over Qatari gifts

The cash-stuffed suits and hidden gold bars of Bob Menendez haven't yet been enough to end his congressional career, but the U.S. Senator has been charged with corruption and now faces a new accusation: accepting illegal gifts from the government of Qatar.

The indictment unveiled on Tuesday alleges that Mr Menendez accepted gifts, including tickets to see car races, in exchange for comments praising the Qatari government. The document does not contain any new charges, but includes new details of his and the alleged crimes of his wife – Nadine Menendez. Mrs Menendez, who is also charged in the same alleged bribery and extortion scheme, has also pleaded not guilty. Three New Jersey businessman named in the case have denied charges as well.

The problem with the continued support he gets from his party: if he's convicted, those Democrats look terrible for not doing everything they could to get rid of him. If he gets away with it, those Democrats look worse. Most now have at least superficially denounced him.

Below, two of the gold bars found in his home, in a photo issued by the Southern District of NY.