French supermarket giant Carrefour removes Pepsi, Doritos and Quaker cereals from shelves over "unacceptable price increases"

Pepsi products are being removed from Carrefour's shelves in Europe over "unacceptable price increases," including Doritos and Quaker cereals as well as the company's famed cola.

In France, the most recent report from the government statistics agency estimated that food prices rose 7.1% in December from a year earlier. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire last year pushed major food companies to bring down prices, threatening special taxes on "undue" profits. The government also moved up its deadline for price negotiations between food companies and supermarkets to this month in an effort to get a grip on the problem. Pepsi has raised prices in recent years, pointing to rising costs. In October it said it expected further hikes in 2024.

Inflation slowing exposes growing food prices for what they are: profit margin.

More on Shrinkflation, too:

The company has also been active in what critics describe as "shrinkflation" – reducing the size of packets for sale, but not dropping prices at the same rate.

And "Skimpflation" is the new thing—basically a new word for lowering product quality, dilution, fillers, etc.

Morrisons Guacamole The ingredients used to include 80% avocado and 5% red onion but now show 77% avocado and an unspecified amount of onion.

Aldi Specially Selected Pesto Rosso 190g This used to contain 33% extra virgin olive oil and 26% rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes; now it is 27% extra virgin olive oil and 23% rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes.

Aldi Bramwells Real Mayonnaise It used to list 9% egg yolk but now lists 6% egg and 1.5% egg yolk.

Bertolli, Morrisons and Sainsbury's olive oil spreads In these spreads, too, 21% olive oil has been reduced to 10%.