Spending $17,000 in front of gift card scammers

In a world where scams seem to be more pervasive every day—and those perpetrating them can take advantage of sophisticated, ever-evolving technology to help them—it can be extremely cathartic to see someone take the fight to the scammers. Scambaiting is my latest guilty pleasure (of which I have many) and it doesn't get much better than watching scammers have a complete meltdown over money they think is theirs getting spent before their very eyes.

YouTuber and scambait specialist Kitboga has done just that, redeeming thousands of dollars' worth of fake gift cards while the scammers who want them can do little but watch.

Normally, I wouldn't encourage schadenfreude, but when it comes to scammers, these guys kind of deserve it. Remember to stay vigilant and watch out for your less tech-savvy relatives- it could happen to any of us!