Cringe at this montage of Donald Trump peddling his many failed products (video)

Desperate Donald Trump is at it again, this time peddling gaudy gold sneakers at Philadelphia's Sneaker Con over the weekend days after the judge in his fraud trial fined him $354 million.

And although scattered MAGA devotees forked over $399 a pop (amidst a roomful of boos from other event attendees), Trump's track record of failed businesses show where these shoes are headed.

In fact, Trump's long list of cheap ads in which he tries to turn a buck on low-quality steaks, vodka, a board game, MyPillow-style mattresses, a fake university, a now defunct airline, and much more, makes fellow huckster Mike Lindell seem like quite the professional (see montage of Trump hawking his scams below, posted by Ron Filipkowski).