You can capture better video than ever with this AI-powered camera gimbal, now under $50

TL;DR: Shaky hands and weird angles have ruined plenty of videos, but that'll never happen again with the VYSN SmartHold 360° Rotation Smart AI Gimbal. This AI-powered camera tool allows you to record the best videos possible, and right now, it's on sale. Usually available for just $99, you can get it now for only $49.99.

We all take out our phones to record videos often, but how often have we looked back and been decided by the quality? A great way to avoid that disappointment is to invest in a gimbal to allow you to put your camera in the right place — and with this one, the AI tech allows you to rotate with your desired scene in real time.

The VYSN SmartHold 360° Rotation Smart AI Gimbal makes video recording easier and more efficient than ever. While it usually costs $99, you can now get it for just $49.99. That's an entire 50% off — no coupons needed!

It's not just the price that makes this such an incredible gimbal. Thanks to AI tech, it can track the movement your phone is recording and move around accordingly: up, down, left, right. That way, you'll film everything you desire. (The 360-degree rotation means you can really capture everything around you, too.) The gimbal also offers up different angles (shoot in horizontal or vertical mode!) and can alter its focus, too.

Simply put, it's like having your own assistant around to capture all your videos for you. You'll never get better recordings! It's a must-have for expert videographers and casual hobbyists alike.

(Just a note: This device doesn't come with batteries.)

So, transform the way you take videos and get the VYSN SmartHold 360° Rotation Smart AI Gimbal now for just $49.99. 

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