"Cotton Candy Man" makes the most beautiful spun sugar creations

This artist, tanggemianhuatang, who goes by "Cotton Candy Man" on social media, makes the most beautiful creations out of spun sugar. His videos are mesmerizing to watch, and I'm always astounded at what he can produce out of cotton candy. 

Here's one called "the art of cotton candy cutting" where he creates a giant multi-layered and multi-colored ball that he then cuts and peels as if revealing gorgeous flower petals. Here he is demonstrating how to clean the machine, building a gorgeous yellow flower, and creating the "world's largest marshmallow."

Some folks have commented on his videos, asking why he looks so sad. TikTok user "The Slimmer Kitchen" replied, "I worked at a cotton candy stand at an amusement park. I understand the sadness from being pelted with hot painful sugar all day." But, maybe that's just how Cotton Candy Man's face looks. I don't care how he looks, I just know he makes beautiful and delicious-looking treats!

To see more, follow him on Instagram or TikTok, where he describes himself as "A guy who makes cotton candy. Let me know what you want me to make."


The art of cotton candy cutting

♬ Creative – Vin Music

Cleaning the cotton candy machine and making purple cotton candy

♬ 原聲 – Cotton Candy Guy

The world's largest marshmallow

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