Clicks, a keyboard case for iPhone

Clicks is a physical keyboard case for iPhone. It's not the first, but it's nicely-designed and something about is, well, clicking.

Clicks is the first creator keyboard for iPhone. Free up your screen for content, make your statement and take full control of your phone with Clicks.

Content First:Maximize your screen space for apps and content while you create with Clicks.
Make Your Statement: Type with speed and precision on a keyboard built for feel and performance.
Ultimate Control: Take action with access to iOS Shortcuts and voice input at the push of a button.
Easy On and Off: Add a compact, lightweight keyboard when needed, or leave it on all the time.

It's $140 for iPhone 14/15 Pro (or $160 for a Pro Max model) and comes in yellow ("BumbleBee") or gray ("London Sky"). It connects via USB-C (but not Bluetooth, because Bluetooth is bad) and represents an amusing affront to everything the iPhone's creators have tried to achieve.