This is the world's largest specimen of the world's most venomous spider

This is Hercules. It is the largest specimen ever found of the world's most venomous spider. The fangs of the Sydney funnel-web spider could pierce your fingernail. Measuring 3.1 inches across, Hercules was spotted on the Central Coast 50 miles from Sydney, Australia.

Don't worry about him making a home in your bed though; Hercules now resides at the Australian Reptile Park.

"We're used to having pretty big funnel-web spiders donated to the park, however receiving a male funnel-web this big is like hitting the jackpot," said Emma Teni who looks after the arachnids there. "Whilst female funnel-web spiders are venomous, males have proven to be more lethal.

From the AP:

"Hercules" will contribute to the reptile park's antivenom program. Safely captured spiders handed in by the public undergo "milking" to extract venom, essential for producing life-saving antivenom.

"With having a male funnel-web this size in our collection, his venom output could be enormous, proving incredibly valuable for the park's venom program," [Teni said.]