The Book Of Leaves is a stunning video sequence of a leaf collection

The Book Of Leaves, by Bfophoto, is a stunning video sequence of a leaf collection. The video operates like an animation, with each leaf image transitioning to another that looks similar. This creates the illusion that the video features one continually morphing leaf. 

I love the way the collection is set against a black background so that it's the only thing in the video. The way they're lit make them look like they're glowing. What a magical video this is!

From Vimeo: "This is the complete leaf sequence used in the accompanying short film LeafPresser. While collecting leaves, I conceived that the leaf shape every single plant type I could find would fit somewhere into a continuous animated sequence of leaves if that sequence were expansive enough. If I didn't have the perfect shape, it meant I just had to collect more leaves."

The music is Slyungda by jm france, and the images are credited to Brett Foxwell.