Have you tried the "best" bagel in Seattle?

People from the east Coast always have very high standards for their favorite foods, whether pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and, of course, bagels. Transplants in Seattle often bemoan the city's status as a "bagel desert," with only lumpy, doughy, or huge, bun-like monstrosities at the grocery store. Sure, there are better choices at various specialty bakers around town, like Bagel Oasis or Eltana, but some are still dissatisfied with Seattle bagels.

"It's a Shanda!" follows the quest by Sean Keely, "A Northeastern Jew looking for a good bagel in Seattle and beyond." Read his terrific newsletter. He has a serious methodology and has tried every offering around. His newest recommendation may beat them all.

Andrew Rubenstein, the founder of Rubenstein Bagels, a Seattle area bagelry, has moved on to start his own "more bespoke" brand of bagels. He launched "Hey Bagel" which for now is a pop up in various locations with on-line preordering.

So, is the "Hey Bagel" bagel the best? I say…yes! It has the crackly bake, the light, airy and chewy inside, and the boiled and baked malty flavor with the texture we bagel-lovers crave. I'm in.