These are the wildest new roller coasters coming this year

Theme Park Crazy created the video above about the most highly-anticipated coasters that will be rolled out (!) in 2024. The full list is below.

Many years ago, I ended up writing what would become the Encyclopedia Britannica's entry on roller coasters.

From the entry:

Among the predecessors of modern roller coasters were rides in Russia in the 15th century: sleds constructed of cut lumber and tree trunks sped down man-made ice-covered hills. The rides were more elaborate than simply sledding, reaching speeds of 50 miles (80 km) per hour and earning the nickname "flying mountains." Both children and adults would make the trek up stairs about 70 feet (21 metres) high to an ice-block sled outfitted with a straw seat. Though some constructions were hundreds of feet in length, the trip back down was relatively brief. A ride inaugurated at St. Petersburg in 1784 comprised carriages in grooved tracks that traveled up and down small hills by means of power generated by the height and slope of the initial descent.

The activity was taken to Paris in 1804 in the form of a ride called the Russian Mountains (Les Montagnes Russes). Small wheels were added to the sleds on this ride, a key modification that later persuaded some historians to credit it as the first wheeled coaster. Little attention was given to safety measures, yet, oddly enough, the injuries that passengers suffered from runaway cars increased the ride's notoriety and attendance. In 1817 the Belleville Mountains (Les Montagnes Russes de Belleville) and the Aerial Walks (Promenades Aériennes) in Paris improved on the original Russian Mountains by adding locking wheels, continuous tracks, and, eventually, cables that hoisted cars to the top of the hill.

TOP 20 MOST ANTICIPATED 2024 Roller Coasters:

0:44 Babbel
2:38 Snoopy's Soapbox Racers
3:24 Tenderpaw Twister
4:08 Penguin Trek
5:17 Boneshaker
6:14 Intamin Ultra Surf
7:10 Mahuka
8:47 Gerstlauer Invert
9:58 Twin Mill Racer
10:54 Bobcat
12:08 Phoenix Rising
13:15 Fire in the Hole 2.0
15:11 Iron Menace
16:33 All American Triple Loop
17:43 Good Gravy!
19:37 Flash Vertical Velocity
20:56 Donkey Kong Coaster
22:09 Circuit Breaker
23:29 Voltron
24:48 Top Thrill 2
26:26 Hyperia