Roller coaster derails in Sweden, killing one and injuring nine

A roller coaster cart at on the Jetline ride at Sweden's Grona Park derailed and spilled passengers 15 meters to the ground yesterday, leaving one of them dead and three more with critical injuries.

"Today is a day of mourning at Grona Lund, we've had a very serious accident in the roller coaster Jetline, where one person has died and nine people have been injured," Jan Eriksson, the park's chief executive, said in a press conference. … "Something like this should not happen at Grona Lund, and yet it happened", Eriksson said, adding that the 140-year-old park would be closed for at least a week to aid the police investigation.

Reuters' description of the ride, which has its own Wikipedia article too.

The steel-tracked Jetline roller coaster reaches a speed of up to 90 kph (56 mph) and a height of 30 metres (98 feet), transporting more than one million visitors each year, the amusement park says on its website.

It's reportedly the third fatality incident for the ride's manufacturer, Schwarzkopf, though that's over a timescale of decades: see Rollercoaster that killed two people in Mexico had a dark history and the Wikipedia article for the Mindbender ride in Canada's Galaxyland.

Here's video of a (completed) run of the Jetline coaster.