Tilleul de Gérouville is an adorable 600-year-old mushroom-like tree hollow you can sit inside of

Tilleul de Gérouville is an adorable 600 year-old, mushroom-shaped tree hollow that you can sit inside of. The elm tree is located in Gérouville, Belgium and died in 1876 when a storm knocked it down. 

The dead tree was purchased by a senator called Lambiotte ; "He got some work done inside the empty trunk so that six or seven people could sit on a bench, put a conical thatch roof on it, and got the tree moved to his house in Schaerbeek. He even got it exhibited at the 1880 Brussels International Fair."

The tree hollow was eventually put back in the city of Gérouville near its original location. I love that this dead tree was repurposed in a way that made it last all these years. It looks like a place where fairies would live.

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