Get simple and sound-sational audio recording for every occasion for only $24!

TL;DR: Wear your audio equipment like a pro when you get a pair of these Wireless Clip-On Microphones compatible with iOS devices for only $23.99 (reg. $29). No Bluetooth is required, and they can transmit audio up to 65 feet!

Whether you're a detective trying to snag a confession, a roving journalist, an aspiring YouTuber or TikToker, or just joining a conference call with your co-workers, these clip-on wireless microphones give you simple, convenient audio recording that you can wear like a high tech accessory. 

The Wireless Clip-On Mics attach to your clothes and transmit wirelessly to iOS devices, and they're now only $23.99 for two!

Hot Mic for a Hot Price

These plug-and-play iOS mics feature professional-grade intelligent noise reduction chips and come equipped with a windscreen to nullify those clicks and pops that you might not hear, but the people on the other side of the mic definitely do. 

Don't worry about drivers or downloading yet another app just to run your audio equipment. These mics are totally plug-and-play, so just plug the receiver into your iOS device, and you're good to go. 

You don't even need Bluetooth! These mics boast up to five hours of audio time in between charges, so even those morning conference calls could be captured without pause. And they're totally wireless with up to 65 feet of mobile range. Like to stretch your legs while you're on the phone? Go for a stroll with a mic that makes it easy!

No More Accidental Mic Drops

Simplify your audio recording gear. You don't need a pro with a boom mic to follow you if you want good-quality audio recording. 

Get a two-pack of the Wireless Clip-On Microphones for smartphones, tablets, and more while it's on sale for just $23.99 (reg $29) for a limited time!

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