These open-ear Bluetooth headphones blend premium comfort and sound for only $40!

TL;DR: Don't miss a beat! The Mercato headphones have an open-ear design and blend comfort and sound for only $39.95 (reg. $69.95) with code GET10!

Whether you're an avid outdoor runner who wants to jam but stay aware of cars or a corporate girl who needs to crack through the numbers but wants to catch the office gossip, a pair of open-ear headphones are a great accessory

The Mercato Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones blend comfort, awareness, and incredible sound. Now, they're on sale for only $39.95 (reg. $69.95) with code GET10!

Say goodbye to discomfort with the Mercato headphones. They're designed to rest outside of your ears rather than your ear canals, so you can wear these babies for long periods without any pain. Plus, they're super lightweight, weighing only 28 grams!

These open-ear headphones boast directional audio technology that allows users to hear their surroundings while still being able to enjoy their music. Enjoy premium, panoramic sound, deep bass, and dynamic range, whether you're listening to a workout playlist or podcast. Whatever you're doing, this open-ear design lets you stay aware in any situation.

Love working out? These babies are IPX5 water-resistant to handle sweat and rain. With a 6-hour battery life (after a full charge!), the Mercato headphones can power through your busiest days, from the office to the gym. And if you're answering calls on the go, these headphones have dual noise-canceling mics so you sound your very best!

And since they're Bluetooth-enabled, you can say goodbye to the wired lifestyle. They'll easily pair with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices.

Stay aware at the gym, in the office, and anywhere else you go with the Mercato Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, now just $39.95 when you enter code GET10 at checkout!

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