Kum & Go is changing its name

Kum & Go, the unfortunately (fortunately?) named gas station and convenience store will change its name. As you may recall, Kum & Go has been in the news for people, um, coming and going.

"I think there was some concern about the inadvertent double entendre of the Kum & Go name," a source told CSP Daily News.

Last year, Kum & Go was acquired by another gas station chain, Maverik, based in Utah.

From The Drive:

The homophone in question is believed to have been used as slang as far back as the 1590s according to Online Etymology Dictionary, if not earlier. Since opening its first store, Kum & Go was always at risk of being interpreted that way. But customers clearly read it as meaning a place for a quick stop, and its name readily conveys that it's a convenience store. Maverik on the other hand sounds like a place to buy unlicensed Tom Cruise merch. The decision to sacrifice the former for the latter strikes as a misguided marketing move. 

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