Punny and suggestive winners of the worst (aka best) brand slogans in the Netherlands

And the winner of the 2023 Worst Slogan for brands in the Netherlands goes to the bicycle rental company Tuut-Tuut for this stroke of brilliance: "Put the fun between your legs!"

Second place winner in the contest—organized by SlechteSlogans.nl—is sewing machine manufacturer Rijkers Naaimachinespecialist with: "Have a naai's day!" ("Naai" is the Dutch word for "sew" but sounds like the English word "nice.")

Third place goes to pet supply chain 4Cats with: "Everything for stuffing your pussy!"

From NL Times:

The branding slogan, "For a warm farewell to your beloved pet," might not seem so bad on the surface. The context changes some when one realizes the promotion was for a pet crematorium in Heerhugowaard. They were one of this year's nominees.

Others are more eye-rolling, like "We Whiskey you a Sherry Christmas," from Drankdozijn.nl.

The Dutch marketing campaign for Pampers diapers also used a pun combining Dutch and English. Their slogan, "Niet bang voor een KAKastrofe!" translates closely to, "Don't fear a CRAPtastrophe!"