Bouclier Wintour: Conde Nast chief wore sunglasses indoors to fire staffers at Pitchfork

Conde Nast global chief Anna Wintour wore her sunglasses to lay off staff at famed music publication Pitchfork, informing the rest they would be working at GQ henceforth. She was indoors. Allison Hussey, among those thusly discarded, posted the anecdote on Twitter.

"One absolutely bizarro detail from this week is that Anna Wintour—seated indoors at a conference table—did not remove her sunglasses while she was telling us that we were about to get canned," Hussey wrote. "The indecency we've seen from upper management this week is appalling."

Wintour, already famed as "Nuclear Wintour" for her allegedly aloof and demanding management style, was famously parodied in The Devil Wears Prada by one of her own former assistants. Her reputation has warmed since; the sunglasses, cold as ice, remain a shield.