Document lists causes of death in London from 1632

This document from 1632 lists the causes of death in London during that year. Some of the causes of death are typical things that we would hear about today, such as death by drowning or sickness. Others, such as "planet-stricken", may make you scratch your head. 

"Planet-stricken" may sound like something from a sci-fi story, but it came from the belief that the position of planets could affect one's health (which isn't too far off from today's world of astrology). Oftentimes people who displayed symptoms of illness such as heart attack or stroke were thought to be affected by the position of the planets, and so this was listed as their cause of death.

Many other things on this list are legitimate causes of death, but have terminology we don't use today. For example, "Cut of the Stone", which was a word for kidney removal. This list makes me feel thankful that I live in a time where medicine is more advanced, and people aren't considered to be planet-stricken by doctors.