The 9 levels of wealth – from rich to ultra-rich

My friend and business partner, Kevin Kelly (we publish the Recomendo newsletter), says, "I occasionally get to hang around people with real wealth, and those on their way to real wealth. I've notice there is a rising scale of how wealth is experienced. As your income gains more zeros, you ascend through this scale."

Levels of Wealth

Class 1 – You no longer pay attention to the price of groceries

Class 2 – You no longer pay attention to the price of meals at a restaurant

Class 3 – You always fly business class

Class 4 – You use three or more homes

Class 5 – You have a personal chef and other full time help

Class 6 – You bring your friends on vacation and pay for everything

Class 7 — You fly charter jets

Class 8 – You own your own jet

Class 9 – You feel everything is free

And now that global elite families are 42% richer than they were last year, maybe it's time for Class 10: You control vital resources, the media, and government officials, influencing global markets and national policies to safeguard your interests.