Carlson's bizarre Canada rant: "I watched when Montreal was cleansed of its Anglo legacy"

Tucker Carlson visited Alberta, Canada, yesterday to promote his agenda of white nationalism, warning them that Canadians should be prepared for an existential battle. He kicked off his unhinged speech by making sweeping generalizations and stereotypes about Canadians, implying that they are overly polite, don't have electricity or running water, use sled dogs for transportation, and lack a sense of humor. He giggled like a schoolgirl at his jokes, but the audience remained nearly silent. Carlson thought he had proven his point, but he simply wasn't funny.

The unctuous, self-satisfied bloviator then moved on to the main point of his speech, which was about exposing a hidden agenda to change the population of Canada and accused the government of trying to "kill" its citizens through various means. He said, "I watched when Montreal was cleansed of its Anglo legacy — and I'm not anti-French, just for the record, at all — but I am Anglo, and I had friends in Montreal. And in the span of a generation, that's all gone; they were forced out."

Carlson warned them that immigrants are a threat to the country: "If you change the population of the country, you change the country. And you dilute the voting power of the people who are vested in that country, the people who are born there, who have lived there long term, who understand the history and the culture of the country, who are bought in. And all of a sudden their vote means much less. It's math. You guys do that math. That's horrifying that this is happening."

Now that Carlson is unmoored by Fox's already fuzzy standards and practices, he has amped up his conspiratorial thinking. Near the end of his rant, he claimed the Canadian government is persecuting Christians while at the same time encouraging kids to take fentanyl and weed: "If you're throwing preachers in prison for preaching the Christian gospel — not for hurting anyone, not for making pipe bombs, not for trying to castrate other people's children, not for importing millions of people into your country who are not going to have work — just for the crime of preaching the Christian gospel, you go to jail, at the same time when they're encouraging your kids to do drugs, and not just fentanyl but weed… if you think that preaching the gospel is so dangerous that the people who do it need to be in prison in shackles, you're serving someone other than the people of Canada, if you know what I mean."

He's gone full Father Coughlin.