Boebert's humiliating poll results

Colorado's traveling Congressperson Lauren Boebert's bid to swap congressional districts is not going well.

A straw poll of 117 Republicans in her new district showed Bobert grabbing 12 votes. This was enough votes to place her fifth out of eight candidates. It seems that remaining in Congress may be out of Lauren's grasp. Folks immediately took to social media to jeer her.

Texas Democratic Rep Jasmine Crockett remarked early on Monday morning, "Before I go to bed, I thought it would only be fitting to send 'thoughts & prayers' to my colleague, Lauren Boebert. It's my understanding that she placed 5th in her first straw poll of the election cycle."

She continued, "Now how many of y'all think BoBo gonna try to convince us that polls don't matter… of course unless they are trash for Biden & great for Trump!"

The X account Republicans Against Trump wrote, "Lauren Boebert finishes 5th in a straw poll at the first GOP primary debate in her new district. She received just 10% of the vote from the Republicans who participated in the survey at the debate." The account added, "She's finished."