Los Angeles Housing Department evicted

The Los Angeles Housing Department helps tenants negotiate with landlords, acting as a third party mediator in many disputes. But now it's found itself in the same situation as many of its clients.

Irony aside, this comes as a blow to the already tenuous state of renters' rights in Los Angeles. Privately-funded eviction lawyers have effective control of housing stability, what with pieces of legislation like the Ellis Act in place and financial incentives for commercial and residential landlords to rent units exclusively for top dollar.

While Los Angeles Housing Department is known for being somewhat ineffective against landlords, their eviction is indicative of the wide-ranging effects of lenient legislation regarding no-fault evictions.

[Tony Carfello] says the department is extremely lenient with landlords, giving them "the white glove treatment" and allowing them to evade consequences.

"Wouldn't it be great if the housing department had someone to turn to, to help them stay in their building?" he said. 

Jack Ross for LA Public Press