Boeing withdraws application for safety exemption for 737 MAX 7

What with the side of one jet blowing out and the nose wheel of another falling off like something from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon and 171 of its 737 MAXes grounded and its bean-counting corporate culture being seen to persist years after hundreds of people died in two crashes, Boeing is withdrawing its bid for a safety exemption on the 737 MAX 7. Reuters:

Senator Tammy Duckworth … noted the exemption Boeing had sought "involves an anti-ice system that can overheat and cause the engine nacelle to break apart and fall off. This could generate fuselage-penetrating debris, which could endanger passengers in window seats behind the wing."

Boeing said late on Monday "while we are confident that the proposed time-limited exemption for that system follows established FAA processes to ensure safe operation, we will instead incorporate an engineering solution that will be completed during the certification process."

I love the cold smooth feeling that their statement gives me. A steganographic poem with more authors than words.