Upgrade your old TV with this refurbished Apple TV, now over half off!

TL:DR; If you're on a budget but still want access to all the streaming shows accessible on a smart TV, this beautifully refurbished HD 4th Generation Apple TV can upgrade any HDMI TV! It even comes with a Siri remote, and it's only $69.97 for a limited time!

While it seems like all your devices are smart these days, there are some things in your home that you've managed to keep old school all this time, like the TV in your bedroom, perhaps. But if you want access to all your favorite streaming apps, it's time to finally go smart, like with the coveted Apple TV. But who on earth has the money for that right now?!

Before you submit to a life of classic TVs due to your tight budget, you may want to consider upgrading the ones you already have with this fourth-generation HD Apple TV. Refurbished to work like new, this smart TV is compatible with any TV that has an HDMI port, allowing you to upgrade your entertainment situation substantially. But the coolest part? This refurbished model is over half off its regular price at a budget-friendly $70! 

When it comes to smart TV, Apple TV reigns supreme for a reason. For one, it gives you access to thousands of apps on the App Store, along with an Apple A8 chip that boosts audio and provides better graphics. The hub also lets you seamlessly stream content from your device onto the screen via Airplay, all in 1080p HD. Plus, it boasts an impressive storage capacity of 32GB, ideal for safely storing all your favorite videos, games, and more.

This fourth-generation Apple TV may be refurbished, but there's nothing to worry about in terms of performance. In fact, aside from some minor scuffing on its exterior, the device has been tested to ensure it works like new. It even includes a 2015 Siri remote that can understand voice commands and be linked up to Bluetooth keyboards for super convenient navigation.

Take a step into the future by upgrading your old TVs with the refurbished fourth-generation Apple TV and Siri remote! 

The refurbished Fourth-generation HD Apple TV and included Siri remote are discounted to just $69.97 down from $149, over 50% off! Hurry, this price only lasts until 28 January 11:59pm PST. 

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