A new Silent Hill game was just announced, and you can play it right now

After a decade on ice, vaunted psychological horror game series Silent Hill (previously) is coming back in a major way. In today's State of Play presentation, new footage of the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake was shown off- but that's not all. An all-new, bite-sizedSile game, entitled Silent Hill: The Short Message, was announced and then immediately released. For free, no less!

Provided you have a PS5 and a stable internet connection, you too can play The Short Message, which looks to be "heavily inspired" by Hideo Kojima's P.T. Still, as the first bit of new SH content in quite a long time, it should do well to whet fans' appetites until something more substantive comes along.

Speaking of PlayStation horror, though, there's still no news on any kind of Bloodborne followup. If anyone needs me, I'll be sobbing into my pillow until The Short Message finishes downloading.