Ceramic artist makes beautiful patterns with bubbles

I love watching videos of Seattle-based ceramic artist Theo Dunlap creating beautiful works of art. One of his decoration techniques involves using bubbles to create cool patterns on the ceramics. He squeezes a plastic bottle to create bubbles out of a mixture of water, dish soap, and underglaze, and then places the bubbles on the ceramic until they burst. The patterns the bubbles leave behind are simple and stunning—I just love how the pieces turn out. Here are some of my favorite videos, from Instagram, demonstrating the technique.

On his website, he provides this bio:

I'm Theo Dunlap, a ceramist from Washington state. I create work that invites the viewer or user to be more aware of their own experience. I ask them to accept rather than reject, be curious rather than judgmental, and allow the racing thoughts associated with our complex lives to become part of the scenery.

Life is a sensory jazz performance narrated by our minds. The cost of admission is that we have to leave when it's over. We are paying with our lives to be here. I just want to help people enjoy the show.

To see more of his work, check out his website or Instagram


Creating unique bubble pottery designs with @theodunlap ❤️ #fyp #foryou #art #artist #pottery

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