Indiana State Rep. threatens student with his gun

Indiana State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican, flashed his gun at a student looking to discuss the elimination of school shootings.

State Rep. Jim Lucas opened his jacket specifically to show off his firearm as students visiting the State Capitol expressed their concerns about gun violence. Lucas must be aware this is a threatening move, and the students were terrorized. A conversation resulted between Lucas and 17-year-old Makynna Fivecoats. Fivecoats did a fantastic job of standing her ground against an adult, reputed authority figure threatening gun violence. Afterward, she described the event:

Fivecoats later told the outlet that the moment really shook her to the core.

"My heart sank to my stomach," Fivecoats said. "I genuinely felt very unsafe in that moment. And I really just wanted the conversation to kind of end after that."

Lucas made light of the interaction when reached by the outlet, saying he was "simply showing an inanimate object" to explain his defense of guns.

"People that want to have adult conversations, I think, need to be able to handle adult situations," told the outlet.