View Master Travels finds the exact spots old 3D photos were taken. Here's how it's done.

View Master Travels is a terrific website that uses vintage View-Master reels to "embark on a time-traveling adventure to discover the past."  They travel around to the sights seen in View-Master 3D reels and try to find the exact viewpoint from which the old photos were taken—and what it all looks like today. There's lots of travel and history fun all around the US: Catalina Island, The West, Hoover dam, Florida, and more.

The production of View Master Travels' videos is also terrific: cleverly scripted and wonderfully staged. It's all still images (3D reels, maps, snapshots, patent drawings, newspaper clippings, etc.) but they are brought to life and masterfully presented with extra clever motion graphics and multi-plane effects. Makes Ken Burns' productions seem flat and limp.

As an extra treat, you can watch this special episode as the creator demonstrates his process step-by-step as he goes. It's a master class in video editing and production. I think even viewers who don't create videos will enjoy taking a look "behind the scenes."

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