The Retro Web archives old hardware and the drivers you need to make it happy again

The Retro Web, designed by Deksor, computerguy096 and Zago, is a database of old hardware and other computer technology—and an archive of the stuff you might need to get it working, from drivers to documentation. There are 17894 entries under motherboards, 41706 BIOS images and 2070 CPUs there! This business has been up to quite a lot over the last fifty years or so. (via)

This is a project aimed at documenting as many pieces of hardware as possible, built entirely by volunteers, who code for the site/add new entries in their free time. We also have a GitLab repository, where you can see the code behind TRW.

Speaking of old hardware, browsing it I suddenly remembered fooling around with IRQs and DMAs 25 years ago and was felled by a wave of existential nausea. But it's all good.

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