Chompi is an adorable miniature sampling synth

Chompi, at $599, asks a stiff price for a minature, tape-style sampling synthesizer. But isn't it adorable? And the Kickstarter campaign is over, so you'll have to go on a wait list.

CHOMPI… a quirky, Tape Music instrument inviting you into the magical world of sound design. With its one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper, CHOMPI is ready for immediate FUN. We're using our creative skillsets and experiences as teachers, musicians, community partners, graphic and sound designers to craft something special. So whether you've been playing music for years, or are just starting your sonic journey, this device will quickly become your new favorite buddy. 

Chompi has four modes of operation, each more complex than the last and with a different set of features, so it can be as fun as an old Casio SK-1 or as powerful as any other modern hardware.

CHOMPI Mode: CHOMPI is always hungry for new sounds, and this signature mode features a unique sound design engine that jumpstarts your creative journey. CHOMPI mode is like a sound sketchpad where you can use the onboard microphone to capture sounds from your environment, or utilize the stereo line input to sample your favorite external sources.
JAMMI Mode: JAMMI mode can be viewed as the base of operations for CHOMPI's core functions. This engine plays a single sample chromatically up and down the piano style keyboard, and allows you to recall, jam, and layer presets – performing them chromatically into the looper. JAMMI mode is also how you access the instrument's secondary shift functions and the menu.
CUBBI Mode: The CUBBI mode engine allows you to access 24 individual samples at the same time, each on a different key slot. CUBBI mode is especially useful for performing percussion samples and/or for resampling and storing loops.
MIDI Mode: MIDI mode allows you to swap the internal sampling engine for an external synth voice (via MIDI control). This mode disables control over the sampling engines, and passes audio from the stereo line input directly into the effects and looping engines. This retains CHOMPI's unique workflow while providing additional flexibility for external sound sources.