Google Cache RIP

Google has long kept a cache of everything it crawls, and exposed it to view through its search results. The Google Cache links disappeared last week from the drop-down menus, and now the cache itself is dead—at least as far as the public is concerned.

"Yes, it's been removed," Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan wrote on social media. "I know, it's sad. I'm sad too. It's one of our oldest features. But it was meant for helping people access pages when way back, you often couldn't depend on a page loading. These days, things have greatly improved. So, it was decided to retire it."

Danny Sullivan said he would like the company to replace it with links to the Internet Archive, but stressed that this is his opinion, not Google's plan.

Another entry for the Google Graveyard. The company is famed for an internal culture where it's bad to be seen to be involved in maintaining existing products, especially unprofitable ones.

Bing cache is still live!

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