Florida state congressman wants looser hunting laws to shoot dangerous bears "that are on crack"

Florida State Rep Rep. Jason Shoaf (R-Port St. Joe) is pushing a bill that would eliminate penalties for killing black bears without permits or authorization. Apparently, Shoaf wants Floridians to have the freedom to kill black bears that are high on crack cocaine and threatening people in their homes. Really. He said so.

"We're talking about the ones that are on crack, and they break your door down, and they're standing in your living room growling and tearing your house apart," Shoaf said at a Florida legislature committee meeting. "When you run into one of these crack bears, you should be able to shoot it, period. And you shouldn't have to pause or be afraid you're gonna get arrested or harassed or pay fines. That's just crazy."

Yeah, THAT'S what's crazy, Jason.

The Guardian reports that it was "unable to find a documented incident of any of Florida's estimated population of 4,050 black bears having ingested crack, and Shoaf did not return a request for clarification."