This gorgeous alarm clock doubles as a mirror and a phone charger — and now it's only $21.99

TL;DR: The Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports is a great way to start your morning, and now it's available for a great price. Usually retailing for $32, it's on sale now for just $21.99.

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our alarm clocks. We know we need them to avoid oversleeping, but we're still miserable when they go off, reminding us it's time to get up and start the day. With this alarm clock, though, you'll find it's only love-love.

There are so many reasons to adore this particular clock: It works well, it has multiple functions, it looks sleek, and it's on sale now. The Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports, typically available for $32, is now selling for just $21.99. No coupons are necessary!

Firstly, we love how stylish the clock looks. It's small and slim, with a clear, mirrored LED screen (it can literally act as a mirror when it's off, the surface is that reflective) and large bright numbers on the display. No squinting or math to figure out the time with this clock!

But it's not just about looks. You can easily program your alarms on the clock, and when the time comes for it to ring, the snooze button offers you multiple delay options if you're not quite ready to say goodbye to sleep yet — between five to 60 minutes. Plus, that snooze button is big! You won't be wrestling with the alarm clock to silence it when you're still groggy.

As mentioned, this clock can double as a mirror when it's off. It also has another function. It comes with dual USB charging ports, so you can power up a variety of devices as you slumber. You don't just get a clock when you buy this, you get an effective and powerful charger, too. Talk about useful!

So, revamp your morning routine with an alarm clock that does it all. Get the Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Ports for just $21.99 now.

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