This $100 Y- shaped toothbrush is the modern way to get a good, clean feeling in your mouth!

TL;DR: If you're looking for a new way to go deep into the guts of your teeth to have an all-over pearly white look, this Y-shaped electric toothbrush is a new way to brush efficiently. It's now on sale for only $99.99 (reg. $139)!

If you think about your 7 a.m. morning routine, there's nothing worse than the feeling of getting a toothbrush to the face first thing. Poking and prodding at your mouth isn't great at any time, especially two minutes after you open your eyes. 

If you're looking for a new wave way to brush, this Y-Brush, an innovative electric toothbrush, could be a new important staple in your life. It's now on sale for only $99.99 (reg. $139)!

Here's how the Y-Brush Electric Toothbrush works. It's got 35,000 soft nylon toothbrush bristles that deeply clean your chompers and are even suitable for those with sensitive teeth. Using advanced vibration technology, you can work on those pearly whites in four modes for more or less intensity. 

Meanwhile, the arched Y-shaped design can brush every tooth at once, which takes the guesswork out of which ones are getting more love than others. Say goodbye to the limits of your boring old toothbrush!

The super long-lasting battery gives you up to three months of cleanliness, so you're never without a sparkling mouth, and the included charger zips it back into full charge mode in about two hours.

And when you're ready to take it on the go, this Y-shaped electric toothbrush is super compact and detaches from its head for an on-the-go brush. From Paris, France to Paris, Texas, this teeth-cleaning device can go with you just about anywhere so that your pearly whites get their TLC!

Find out why this guy got a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. 

Get the Y-Brush Electric Toothbrush NylonBlack Premium Pack, which also includes a brush holder, adult brush head, base, toothpaste applicator, charger, and interactive accompanying video for just $99.99!

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