Freight company owner busted for putting GPS trackers on police cars so truck drivers could avoid them

The owner of a freight company in Xiangyang, Hubei, China was busted for allegedly installing hidden GPS tracking devices on police cars so her truck drivers could avoid them. Apparently one of the police cruisers was undergoing a routine inspection when the mechanic spotted the device. The trackers were then found on six other police vehicles.

The GPS trackers' SIM cards were then linked to the trucking company's proprietor.

From Oddity Central:

(The company's owner, a woman identified as Zhu) admitted to carrying out the installation of the GPS trackers herself, by taking advantage of the police vehicles' late-night parking at a Xiangzhou station.

Zhu bought six magnetic GPS trackers online for 350 yuan in June of last year and used them to track the cars via an app on her phone until late last month. She was thus able to pinpoint the locations of traffic police cars and alert her drivers to avoid them.

Somehow, she only received eight days in the slammer and a 500 yuan ($70) fine.