Freaky frog has mushroom growing from its side

Its not a toadstool but rather a frog mushroom! Citizen scientist Chinmay C. Maliye and Lohit Y.T found a group of Rao's Intermediate Golden-backed Frogs in the foothills of the Kudremukha Range in Karnataka, India.

"One individual perched on a twig had a distinct outgrowth on its left bank," they write in the journal Reptiles and Amphibians. "A closer examination revealed a mushroom sprouting from its side. The frog was alive and moving. Mycologists later identified the mushroom to be a Bonner Mushroom (Mycena sp.), which is know to be saprotrophic [feeds on dead or waste organic matter] and occurs mostly on rotting wood."

According to the researchers, "never has a mushroom sprouting from the flank of a live frog been documented."