Alien's iconic facehugger design and the cute little sketch that started it all

When Dan O'Bannon (1946-2009) wrote the screenplay for Alien (originally titled "Star Beast"), he included a simple sketch of the Facehugger emerging from the Ovomorph (aka, the Egg). McKinley Valentine notes in her excellent newsletter, The Whippet, "I saw this shared with the caption, 'your daily reminder that it's OK for first drafts of anything to be rough around the edges', which is a true statement but not demonstrated by this cute and excellent artwork.

Artist H.R. Giger went on to redesign the Ovomorph and Facehugger. According to Fandom, Giger's original design for the Ovomorph was rejected for looking too much like a vulva:

H. R. Giger initially designed the egg with a much more obviously vaginal appearance, complete with an "inner and outer vulva." The producers complained that Catholic countries would ban the film if the allusion was too strong, so Giger doubled the lobes to four, so that, in his words, "seen from above, they would form the cross that people in Catholic countries are so fond of looking at."

Here's a 1979 local news report from Texas about the premiere of Alien.