Re-imagining ALIEN as a Pixar film

Monica Ion is a London-based concept artist who has designed a number of mobile games for companies like Space Ape Games. And in her spare time, she explores other high-concept designs, such as horror movies rendered in a Pixar-esque style.

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My series of 4 studies of "What if Pixar did Alien?" Had a lot fun taking the atmosphere of the original Nostromo and making it more colourful and stylized. #digitalpaintings #artstudy #alien #alienart #artistsoninstagram #digitalpaintings #visualdevelopment #visdev

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You can buy prints of these terrifyingly adorable images from her Inprnt Gallery. Read the rest

Classic horror movies as Disney cartoons

It's only a matter of time before Disney owns every piece of intellectual property on the planet. And when that day comes, we'll likely be treated to adorable reboots of gory, existential classics.

In the meantime, we'll have to settle for Swedish cartoonist Daniel Björk's imagined versions of the inevitable future.

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'Why don't you sit right back, And I, I may tell you a tale. A tale of three little pigs, And a man handcuffed in a pig pen" . . . . #hannibal #hanniballecter #horrorcomics #horrormovies #horrorfan #masonverger #horroraddict #horrormashup #horrorart #disneymashup #disneyhorror #woltfistey #horrorjunkie

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"Tasty old bear" . . . . . #badtaste #peterjackson #splatter #splattermovie #80shorror #horrorcomics #horrormovie #horrormashup #horrorfan #horrorart #disneyhorror #disneymashup #woltfistey #stupidart #dumbdrawings #retroart #retrocomics #kickpunch #lordcrumb

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"When you wish upon a star your dreams will become your new nightmare" . . . #anightmareonelmstreet #freddykrueger #nightmareonelmstreet #horrorcomics #horrormovie #horrormashup #horror #retrohorror #disneymashup #woltfistey #horrorart #80shorror #videonasty #disneyhorror #horrormovies #horrorjunkie

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"Heigh-ho heigh-ho, your soul we tear apart" . . . . . #hellraiser #pinhead #cenobites #80shorror #horrorcomics #horrormovie #horrormashup #horrorfan #horrorart #disneymashup #woltfistey #stupidart #dumbdrawings #snowwhite #sevendwarfs #dopey #retrocomic #retroart ##comicbook

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Alien, a flipbook animation

As part of the 40 year anniversary of Alien, 20th Century Fox commissioned illustrator Serene Teh to create Alien flipbook art for the above animation. Videography and post-editing by Noel Lee.

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Couple's 'maternity shoot' turns weird

Some strange things happened to papa-to-be Todd Cameron and his pregnant partner during their maternity photo shoot. It started off harmless enough, a nice couple in a field of pumpkins showing off that baby bump. But then it got weird... fast:

Looks like "baby" isn't going to wait for the delivery room

Oh dear

Baby come back...!

This wasn't the end. See what happens next by checking out their Facebook photo album with all the photos from the shoot.

photos by Li Carter, used with permission Read the rest

Some male models wore baby bumps on the runway at Men's Fashion Week

On Sunday at London Men's Fashion Week, Chinese designer Xander Zhou sent male models down the runway wearing prosthetic pregnancy bellies for a 2019 collection called, "New World Baby."

HYPEBEAST reports:

The Beijing-based designer has always been known for indulging in strong, dystopian-tinged narratives, and this season’s sartorial plot was no shortage of drama. SS19 ran amok into a supernatural future of male pregnancy, Blade Runner-esque hospital scrubs and cyberpunk chastity belts, where Zhou’s recurring design elements took on another chapter of evolution.

The show was set in the Queen Elizabeth Hall and soundtracked by of a robotic female voice chanting eerie phrases such as “I am digitized.” Male models marched down the runway bearing prosthetic pregnant bellies and eerie blue contacts lenses, symbolizing the blurred lines between human and extraterrestrial being...

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Pop culture monsters redesigned in Mayan art style

Mexican artist Monica Robles Corzo created a cool mashup of modern monsters and Mayan iconography for her Mayanizations series, like this reimagining of the Alien Xenomorph. Read the rest

Trailer for Alien (1986), the comedy film

"In space, no one can hear you purr."

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Ridley Scott unpacks the original Alien chestburster scene

Ridley Scott pauses his iconic in-camera chestburster scene in several places to show the tricks he used to make it so memorable. Read the rest

First-person 360 VR: You are an Alien neomorph bursting from a chest

In VR, everyone can hear you scream.

(Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Google Daydream, and other mobile VR devices)

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An itty bitty Xenomorph stuffed animal

This adorable little Xenomorph will be available in July, but itty bitty Ellen Ripley is available right now.

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Watch a little appetizer for the upcoming Alien: Covenant

If you're excited about the upcoming Alien: Covenant, perhaps this little tidbit will tide you over till the main course: Prologue: Last Supper. Read the rest

Alien: Inauguration

Not sure about Neill Blomkamp's reboot of this classic franchise, but the poster's great! (Who made it?) Read the rest

After 20 years, 'Pigs In Space' of 'The Muppet Show' has returned

Trichinosis will seem like a walk in the park after what Captain Link Hogthrob has to endure in this Muppets Alien sendup starring First Mate Piggy. Read the rest

Mini-documentary about H.R. Giger's Alien design

Kritian Williams: "He wasn't bound by the common design tropes of the '70s. He was able to create something genuinely Alien, a distorted biomechanical reflection of man. Everything we feared about ourselves, taken to the point of surrealism." Read the rest

Alien Man dared to dream

This toy seems too perfect to be real, mangling Alien so thoroughly that it turns unseen 7'2" actor Bolaji Bodejo into the star and, completely accidentally, radically improves upon the high concept of Alien 4. [via Mike Drucker]

Alien Man completes an existential trio of Engrish knockoff toys that already includes Robert Cop and Feddy Kruger:

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The unlikely actor who played Ridley Scott's Alien

In Ridley Scott's classic 1979 science fiction/horror film Alien, the terrifying creature was played by a 6'10" Nigerian named Bolaiji Badejo. It was Badejo's only film credit. In fact Badejo, who died of sickle cell disease in 1992 at age 39, wasn't even an actor. He was studying graphic arts in London when casting agent Peter Ardram spotted him in a pub. From CNN:

"As soon as I walked in Ridley Scott knew he'd found the right person," Badejo said in a rare interview for the French film magazine, Cinefantastique, in 1979...

"I could barely see what was going on around me," Badejo recalled in 1979, "except when I was in a stationary position, while they were filming. Then there were a few holes I could look through... It was terribly hot... I could only have it on for about 15 or 20 minutes at a time. When I took it off, my head would be soaked."

Bolaji Badejo: The Nigerian giant who played 'Alien' (CNN)

Below, Badejo's surreal screen test that I've previously posted:

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Puberty is awkward, especially when you're a space alien

Adolescence is a weird, weird time in anyone's life, when it's easy to feel alienated from your peers, your family, even your own body. In Tentacles Growing Everywhere, an interactive novella by Squinky, you get to watch the experience of puberty play out for three actual aliens as they write entries in what is essentially Livejournal.

Described as an "an incredibly queer mashup of Judy Blume, Babysitters Club, and pulpy sci-fi," you follow along as three childhood friends head off to new schools and blog about their problems with crushes, bullying, and of course, the awkwardness of their changing tentacled bodies.

Although most of the game involves simply watching the journal entries unfold, you occasionally get to make choices—and hear the anxious metacommentary of each character as they ponder whether they're oversharing and occasionally delete their thoughts instead of sharing them with their friends (and the world). It's an experience that should ring true for anyone who's ever struggled with how much of themselves they want to show to the internet, or even to their friends.

Tentacles Growing Everywhere originally came out in May, but it's now available at the convenient price of "pay whatever you want" for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read the rest

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