Driving is easier, safer, and more fun with this wireless car display, now under $120

TL;DR: Hook up your smartphone to your car with this 9-inch Wireless Car Display! You can play music, check the GPS, make calls, check messages, and more without taking your eyes off the road. While it's usually $179, you can get it for only $119.99!

One of the hardest parts of driving these days? Tearing ourselves away from our smartphones. It's not just because our devices provide us entertainment (we love our cat memes!). They also have practical purposes, like delivering GPS directions and helping us stay connected to friends and family.

If you're driving an older car without the convenience of a digital display, then you need this easy-to-install wireless car display. You can stay entertained, connected, and safe on the road thanks to this display's hands-free capabilities, and it's now on sale for only $119.99 (reg. $179). Considering how much it improves the driving experience, that's a steal of a deal!

First of all, it boasts a clear, vivid 9-inch 1024×600 FHD touchscreen for easy viewing of directions, text notifications, and more. This display is also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible, meaning you can easily mirror your smartphone's apps and screen to the display. Access your apps via the display with a swipe of a finger when you're not actively driving, or go hands-free with Siri or Google Assistant to answer calls, change music, and more!

Need more transmission connection options? You name it, this display's got it! It has Bluetooth, AUX, and FM transmission, meaning you can go old-school and listen to the radio like you did as a kiddo, or sit back and enjoy seamless podcast and music listening from your Bluetooth-enabled apps.

Another fun feature? The 1080p rear camera lets you see what's directly behind you, as long as your vehicle is already pre-built with a backup camera. Reversing into tight corners or backing out of driveways has never been safer or simpler with easy rear viewing on this wireless display!

Plus, this display is super easy to install. Use the suction lock or suction cup to attach it to your center console or windshield. It's also highly compatible with most cars.

Simply put, your car experience becomes much easier and more fun with a handy dandy car display.

Grab this 9" Wireless Car Display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for just $119.99! 

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