Missouri Rep. hears about today's shooting on live TV — and his response says it all (video)

While live on CNN, Missouri Congressman Mark Alford found out about today's shooting in his own state that occurred during the Chief's Super Bowl parade in Kansas City. But rather than respond with horror, alarm, or dismay, the fierce gun enthusiast only responded by saying it was "very sad" that the police chief, Stacey Graves, had to deal with it.

Alford then droned on about how much it costs to secure the area, and reminisced about his own exciting visit to the parade last year, before circling back to the shooting, saying, "I know it's very disheartening. We should be able to come together in situations like this and celebrate victories." Dang those shootings, ruining all the fun. (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

This is the same big shot lawmaker who fired his gun a few times in a video as part of a campaign ad in which he said, "We don't need more gun control in America, we need more self-control. And I will always protect the 2nd amendment for you." (See video at bottom of this post.) But protecting the people of Missouri by instituting some common-sense gun laws? Nope, that would be off the table for this Texas-born lawmaker.

Sadly, one of the victims in today's shooting has died while at least 14 others were injured — three in critical condition, according to CNN. Two armed people have been detained as police investigate the shooting.