Canadian parents who wanted to raise their 8 kids with "traditional values" moved to Russia. Wife now says, "I'm ready to jump on a plane and get out of here."

A Canadian family of eight sold their farm and moved to Russia. Why? They wanted to raise their kids in Russia's morally superior environment.

"Well, Canada is not the same country it used to be," said daddy in a video interview, "and we didn't feel safe for our children there in the future anymore. There's a lot of left-wing ideology, LGBTQ, trans, just a lot of things that we don't agree with that they teach there now, and we wanted to get away from that for our children."

But it didn't take long for the immigrants to regret their decision. Their Russian bank accounts were frozen, and since the family doesn't speak a lick of Russian, they have had trouble asking the morally superior Russian authorities to release their funds.

In an interview with Russian reporters, mommy said, "I'm very disappointed in this country at this point. I'm ready to jump on a plane and get out of here. We've hit the first snag where you have to engage logic in this country and it's very, very frustrating."

Not long after, daddy tried to walk back mommy's complaint about living paradisiacal Russia. "After reading an article that said we were 'disappointed with Russia' we decided to remove our video. We are not disappointed with Russia in fact the opposite is true. What Anneesa actually said was 'I am very frustrated IN this country right now.' This was a reflection of her inner frustration with not being able to speak and understand, she was not frustrated WITH Russia."

Canada, no doubt, is neither disappointed in or with their decision to move.