Watch as tiny characters perform a mysterious, looping dance

Yohei Kisanuki created an animation that's a bit like those old-fashioned zoetropes, but added his own modern twist. Instead of using a standard setup, he took a pottery wheel, typically associated with making clay pots, and used it to draw tiny figures on a circular piece of paper. When the wheel spins under a strobe light, these figures appear to march toward the center, then climb a rope and mysteriously vanish as if they're being pulled into the wheel itself.

When the wheel spins in the opposite direction, the tiny figures seem to come back out from the center and move downwards. It creates a looping story where characters constantly appear and disappear.

The whole thing is done without any high-tech equipment or digital screens. It's all hand-drawn, which is refreshing. It shows that you can still capture people's attention with simple, innovative ideas.

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