World's tallest man towers over shortest woman in California reunion (video)

Sultan Kösen of Turkey stands 8 feet 2 inches, making him the tallest living person in the world. This week he reunited with Jyoti Amge of India, who measures under 2 feet 1 inch and is the shortest living woman in the world. The meeting took place in California. According to The Independent, "it's not immediately clear who organized their visits to the US. Anadolu reported that the pair had travelled to Los Angeles at the invitation of an unnamed American producer, who also planned to record their meeting."

Kösen, a farmer, achieved his record-breaking stature as a result of a pituitary tumor that caused gigantism and acromegaly. He's 41 years old and uses crutches to get around.

Amge, 30, is an actress with a genetic condition called primordial dwarfism.

Six years ago, the delightfully divergent duo met up in Egypt to visit the pyramids. Global News was on the scene to capture the historic moment on video.

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